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Thread: Educational field day moment.....

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    Educational field day moment.....

    Hi all,

    Well field day for me was a real blast. Somehow, because I was doing VHF/UHF weak signal before HF, I always get snarkled into running the weak signal station.

    This year was my first year running a station for our club. We had 6m, 2m, and 220, stacked on a mobile tower. The first time I had access to a tower for weak signal.

    Wow.. what fun!

    Now here's where I became educated:

    At one point I started hearing CW interference on the WS station. I went around to the HF stations but the transmissions were not matching. It was just the club call sign over and over.

    Turns out- it was the fox from our foxhunt at 100mw. What was learned: A dirty transmitter is always dirty dirty.

    While we are only a 2A, we do have 75 members, 50 of which showed for field day. So it was hard to fully communicate what was happening when. But when I pieced it together the the lightbulb was burning bright!!
    So there I was, totally naked. With only a rubber hose and a stuffed animal...

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    Wow! Sounds like you had a great time!


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    I snuck a 1/5 of bourbon to a local club FD one year past 1;00 AM. Three of us got shit faced in the tent! I was not invited back. LOL!

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