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Thread: Roseanne Cancelled

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    Just as I predicted, ol' bone spur was crying like a baby today because he didn't receive a call or an apology from ABC for all the "mean" things they've said about him. Considering all the sewage the thing has spewed from it's pie-hole, it's laughable that it wants an apology. What a big pussy, whining and crying like a child.

    Act like an asshole, piss face, and expect to be treated like one. Fuck tRump.
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    I think that its unfortunate that the supporting cast and crew have to suffer for Barr's Tweets. I'm thinking that they could replace the character with someone else, just as they did with Becky years ago. First couple of names that came to mind were Melissia McCarty or Rosie O'Donnel, but then it occurred to me that Tom Arnold would make a great replacement!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WTKX View Post
    Her talent agency told her to fuck off too...
    talent ??? what talent ???

    she wasn't funny the 1st time her show aired.....not funny now.....she can go cry on Cathy Griffiths shoulder...

    just another SFC that got what she deserved.....good fucking riddance !!!!!
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    I'm just glad they don't show her stuff on telly here...
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    They gave the woman a second shot at a series because she is insane. It worked well with other insane comedians, why not her? Unfortunately, someone forgot to check her for opinions that get you instantly fired.

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