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Thread: Happy 40th KC9SQR

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    Happy 40th KC9SQR

    Happy Birthday, Bill. My... 40 sure is a nice round number! The next 40 will be little tougher, however...
    Welcome to 'murika (if you're white, that is).
    Official form of government: despotic oligarchy

    Entirely partisan political court system, rePUBIC Kangaroo court at the top of the shit pile.
    Don't expect a fair shake in 'murika unless you're a white male rePUBIC voter.
    If the accused is a drunken, white frat boy of privilege, the sexual assault victim was paid by the Clintons (true story).

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    That's no $#t, enjoy! HBD OM!
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    Happy 40th! Here is to 40 more (at least)!

    "A night sky full of cries. Hearts filled with lies. The contract: is it worth the price?"

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    Happy birthday Bill, have a good one ;)
    "If the Republicans will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop
    telling the truth about them." - Adlai Stevenson (1900-1965)
    Im not liberal/conservative, Im anti-idiotarian.
    At some point in the last 20 years, the left moved to the center, and the right moved into a mental institution

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    Lordy Lordy, someone's 40!

    cul de n8tb
    "Sadly, it always takes a few martyrs to get the ball rolling." Colonel Tim Boldman 2001
    "There are no differences but differences of degree between different degrees of difference and no difference."--William James
    "Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings." Victor J. Stenger

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    Happy belated!
    "Everyone wants to be an AM Gangsta until it's time to start doing AM Gangsta shit."

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    Happy 40th! Best wish for you!

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