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Thread: Political Phrase of the Day

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    So, I should spell TRAITOR with an apostrophe? Would that be 'TRAITOR or TRAITOR' ?

    The NY Mag article seems to cover all the things I'd read elsewhere, and some I hadn't seen. Where there is smoke, there's fire, and the entire Trump entourage and his chorus in the Congress are putting out more smoke than a forest fire. I think there is an astoundingly solid but circumstantial case here. I doubt that Mueller will rely on a circumstantial case - he's digging for smoking guns, and I think there are more than a few.

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    We. Are. Phucked.....
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    Oh and Today there is this...

    Oh I so dearly hope they prove that the Russians channeled money to the GOP campaign fund through the NRA. Watching the NRA leaders being perp-walked in handcuffs, would be so entertaining!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kom View Post

    Peter Strzok just did a better job of making Trey Gowdy look like a dick than Trey Gowdys barber.

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    Looks like that North Korean hair style chart!
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    "One World Government."
    Remember that phrase and all the people railing against it? Now it's those same people who want one government under Putin.
    "Black is white and up is down."
    Today I hear Mike Gallagher on the radio saying that Putin's Turnip is tough on Putin but Obama was weak on him. Putin's Turnip was literally grovelling at Putin's feet Monday in Helsinki but they're OK with it because Tuesday he said that he didn't actually say what he said. Then on Wednesday Putin's Turnip is back to licking Putin's pooper.
    Yesterday the GOP side of the Congress Critters refused to release funds that are being withheld, about 150 million, to do the cyber security necessary to protect the midterms which they themselves have even acknowledged that Russia is meddling in BUT, they did find time to make it so the NRA doesn't have tp reveal who their donors are anymore since they found out that Russia is now one of the NRA's biggest donors.

    DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? The whole of the GOP is in bed with Russia and they're not even trying to hide it because the supporters of the GOP believe that "a win is a win" or are too gullible to look past their right wingnut talking bobble heads OR BOTH! I wouldn't be able to come to this assessment of the situation without tuning in to the right wingnut talking bobble heads and listening to what they're saying, what they're callers are saying and how they treat their callers, especially the ones who are feeling unsure now. To those callers, the ones who start expressing doubt in Putin's Turnip, they start spouting bible verses! Bible! Fucking! Verses! They're even going as far as to tell their callers that Putin's Turnip is beating Putin at his own game!

    Let us all kneel at the alter of the Mighty Dollar and accept our 30 pieces of silver as our daily bread and preach unto the brainwashed masses any doctrine we are handed for we are the elite and will rise up as soldiers in Father Putin's army under the guidance of our feckless leader, Putin's Turnip. Amen.
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