I have one leg of the dipole going up to the roof and it runs in a North-South Direction, the other leg is at a 90 degree angle running East-West; it's fed with 75 ohm balanced line. The Dentron Super Tuner Plus allows me to work the convention amateur bands.

A couple of time a year, I would borrow my friend's MFJ 259 and I would jot down the different setting for each band needed for the antenna tuner to work.

My associate (via my Amazon Prime ) purchased a new MFJ-259C Antenna Analyzer and, because he was tired of loaning me his meter, he offered to sell me his old one; I told him that I would just keep on borrowing it if it was OK.

I took the old one home, did some trouble-shooting and I calibrated it.

A couple of days later, the owner called and asked me to bring the analyzer home and, I refused; I told him I would bring him his asking price (twice what I first offered before I repaired it) but not the meter, LOL at me.

This is not the MFJ-259C current model but, the original MFJ-259, it doesn't show reactance or have fancy digital readout but, it does the basic work.