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    It'll be interesting when Prime Minista shuffles off this mortal coil and his gear goes up on the block. I've heard the guy on the air before and there's one word I'll say about his operation:


    No splatter, distortion (audible or visible on the scope) and the audio chain was properly equalized for AM. He's put some time and cash into that setup.

    My experiences with fixing things mirror Eddie's, right down to the 'lose-customers-because-it's-legal' bit. As for Class D gear: Give me a high-performance vintage classic like a Stoner Pro-40, CPI CP-2000 or Cobra 2000 over ANY Ranger product, especially where the receivers are concerned. It's not that big of a deal to crush the Majick Diode and get your HF ham rig on 27MHz but it's a lot more challenging to work stations via weak-signal or skip modes using QRP (legal Class D) power levels.
    "Everyone wants to be an AM Gangsta until it's time to start doing AM Gangsta shit."

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    "Prime" was in the near field of my broadside array for several years. We "agreed" to not antagonize the other. Actually would you want to mess with a neighbor that could plug your ears at will ?
    We finally met and had a good laugh about when we had actually met nearly 15 years earlier.
    Clean barely explains it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by kom View Post
    He's gonna use those six "big-legged girls" to generate 8Kw and drop the hammer on the heads of some Mud-Ducks on 27.025 Mhz.
    No excuses on Da Bowl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by W7XF View Post
    No excuses on Da Bowl.
    "Every time I think I have gotten away, they pull me back in..."

    Ten year or more ago, I stopped working; told all of them, "I don't mess with that stuff anymore."

    I go to a sad event and, afterwards I am mobbed by people who have been, "Looking for me," it seems that their 3-CEE-EX_whatever boxes have problems. I tell them that I'm not doing any work but, they don't take "No" for an answer. They call on the phone afterwards.

    I pay them a courtesy visit (with no promises made, UP FRONT) at home, sit around with a couple of 807's and, then take a look at their equipment, I give them a quick diagnosis but explain that it might be a better idea to take it to "Chris" because, I really don't have time to take on a project as BIG as theirs.

    While bending elbows with the 807's, I get drug back into the whole "Who-shot-John" / "Let's fight at the funeral" stuff. I impartially excuse myself from the drama, telling them that I will check back when I get some time; yeah, Right!

    These are old men still stuck in the 1970's

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