Funny, it wasn't when I installed it and last used it!

I have a DVR Server with 4 TV Tuners in it using a software called, "BeyondTV", it allows me to record OTA broadcasts and certain cable feeds. The program has a client called BTV-Link which allows you to connect to the server and, watch streamed video both live and recorded.

Works great on my Vista machines (which I am trying to retire), my Win 7 machine and, worked on my Win 10 Laptop until yesterday. I fiddled around with the settings of the program on the laptop and, finally decided to uninstall it and do a re-install. Re-installed failed as, "Incompatible Program".

  1. I do a "System Restore" to yesterday before I did the uninstall.
  2. System Restore takes forever
  3. Machine resets into a "Sky-Blue-Screen-of-something-went wrong"
  4. Boot loops to "Sky-Blue screen" until I power off
  5. Turned back on, auto-boots to "Sky-Blue" Sophisticated Recovery Screen
  6. I do "System Restore" again, this time is successful but, program will not execute.
  7. Try to do Re-install and I am "Blocked by Administrator"