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Thread: Ol' Bone Spur Headlines

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    Just a comment... the great white dope looks very presidential in his twit responses to Comey's allegations. What a loser we have infesting the WHITE house.

    BTW - speaking of WHITE, where oh where are the teabaggers and fiscal hawks of the geriatric ol pee-pee party? Seems they slithered back into the cracks in the walls when the nice black fellow left town. Amazing, that... eh?
    'Murica - Government of the Rich, by the Rich, and for the Rich; Thanks to our supreme court of traitors, Citizens United v. FEC, and now McCutcheon v. FEC.

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    Is it easy to find pee-pee tape fixer in the yellow pages?
    RIP Albi
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    See the thread, "I'm a peeliever".

    You're welcome.
    "In America, politicians shouldnt pick their voters; voters are supposed to pick their politicians. - Barack Obama

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    Quote Originally Posted by WTKX View Post
    See the thread, "I'm a peeliever".

    You're welcome.
    Thank eww!
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