Don't know if this rig plus accessories can really be classed as such...but I finally got hold of one of my "Grail" radios. Actually, a pair of them plus several accessories.

A little back story is in order, one supposes: I've always liked the Yaesu 'two-meter' product lines. That is, FT-726R (of which I own several), the FT-980 (ditto) and the FT-One (which has nice styling but is troublesome to maintain). The other rig of this genre I didn't have is an FT-102. Over Christmas I managed to score an FV-102, FC-102 and several SP-102s so that put me on the hunt.

One bazillion scammers later I managed to connect with a gent who actually had a rig plus a second FC-102; he was the original owner of the radio. During this time I was in contact with Mal, NC4L about buying another from one of his customers; that radio is now in his queue for updates.

Now, to rearrange the shack to accommodate the new arrivals. I'll probably keep one inline and the other as a backup. George and John, be listening for me on 75/40/10M AM - I'll have a whole 150-200w to work with there.