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Thread: ICOM IC 720a

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    ICOM IC 720a

    I just bought an IC 720a at a hamfest. It's in really good condition. My question is that when it is turned on, it takes a few minutes to come on
    and start tuning to the band..(the klacking sound). Is that normally how the 720's start up? Thanks.

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    See if there is something that helps here.
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    Yes. The 720 has a mechanical band switch that the microprocessor ratchets around with a solenoid. When you first turn the radio on part of its power on self test is to find the beginning of the band switch.
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    Thank you for your information...I have been a tech for 15 years and I am studying for my general ticket. I am new to HF rigs so I just wanted to be sure.

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    Thank you... I will check the site out. 73

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    I have an EX-7072 interface that allows you to slave an R-70 to the 720(A). If interested, get in touch.
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