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Thread: 5 watts!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WZ7U View Post
    OK I missed time of day when you did it. I'm good on 40, voice and morse only. My morse sucks but if you're patient it works Antarctica Here I come!
    It was during the Fate of the Orangutan address....
    So there I was, totally naked. With only a rubber hose and a stuffed animal...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KD8TUT View Post
    Fate of the Orangutan address....

    So, our evening then. Thanks, I guess if I had payed more attention, since you did say something about Cheeto Mussolini.
    I will have to steal yet more time away from school, since the computer and the rig are in two different locations currently. I'm wasting too much time here and over yonder as it is anyway. I hope to have that location thing fixed eventually, it will only take 1 hole in the wall right there...
    Yet another imperfect being created by THE perfect God - not the Huge White Asshole kind
    Thank you Jesus for another day!!

    Funny how a double bypass at 54 opens your eyes to things previously ignored.

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