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Thread: Primer or Howto for Repair of Hybrid HF Transceiver

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    Some progress made...

    An amateur friend and I have been investigating the problem. We discovered that the power transformer seemed okay. Also the various diode bridges seemed to test out as they should. On the HV line there are two 47uF electrolytics in series, each with a .01 cap plus a 470k resistor in parallel. A few fuses later we checked the state of the electrolytics ... and the first is a bit of a dead-short on the ohmmeter. At the same time there are spark discharges and another fuse blows!!
    I've ordered some new electros off the 'net and they will be fitted when they arrive. getting new electro was not an issue (450VW) but they are pcb type ... not the chassis-mount originals. We will probably just remove the old electros ... and mount the assembly on a 7-way tag strip screwed to the radio chassis. I am conscious of the need to maintain air-flow and NOT blocking up holes.

    More details after our next session.


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    If you're repairing a '530, have a look here (about halfway down the page):

    Since the thread started I managed to acquire a TS-530SP, two TS-830S "Gold Label" units (one a project rig) and enough spare parts to make things...interesting. Look at our "Mods and Repairs" area of the site. I'm going to start a mod/upgrade thread for both rigs. There's common DNA between the two (PSU, RF, PLL and Counter Boards, final assemblies) and many of the mods destined for one will work for both.
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