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Thread: Prision "Skype" Instead of Visits ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K7SGJ View Post

    And while I'm thinking about it......FUCK trump.
    ^^^^ and the goat he rode in on!
    In fact, that should be the new liberal salute! Like a Nazi salute with just the middle finger raised. I want that pic of the girl on a bicycle giving the finger to a presidential motorcade blown up to an 8X10, so I can frame it.

    Yes, there is a major problem with ex-cons being unable to get work. I can easily understand it in many cases - I wouldn't hire the guy with tattoos up his face, either, regardless of his criminal record. His 'decoration' betrays a mental process I don't want to know up close and personal. But people who are qualified, and look otherwise normal should be given a chance.

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    I once saw a documentary about a guy who was released from prison and had facial tattoos removed (that he got in prison) at great expense to himself. He was enrolled in a program to help him "integrate."

    I knew guy, worked with him for 2 months. He was from here but got caught up in the Texas prison system. Fell in love with a stripper who talked him into going to Texas with her. Says he was set up as soon as they got there. Woke up one day in the detention center there and never saw the light of day again for 4 years. 90 days in detention and the rest in prison. While he was incarcerated the only group willing to protect this little white boy were the Mexicans. As a condition of their deal they tattooed his face like a clown.
    Two months after he started working with us he hooked up with another stripper and I never saw him again.
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    Geez after the first time you would think he'd learned..... wow
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