....Remember how to get up; kinda!

Back in the "Legacy Days", Dual booting multiple operating systems was a breeze; I remember editing some ms-dos file but, lack of use of that part of my brain coupled with the fact that I did not need to Dual-boot any machines has caused me forget the procedure (either use it or lose it).

I am trying to part ways with my Dell Optiflex desktop but, all my goodies are on there. I would like to remove the HDD from the Dell and place it in my Radio-Room computer running Windows 7 then, be able to boot from either operating system.

I have two high-end Windows 10 Laptops and, a MacBook Pro collecting dust; my goal is to (after doing a full backup) pull the HDD out of the Dell, replace it and image it with Windows 7 and give it to my father-in-law.

Laptop already setup to take over the Dell Desktop role but, cannot cut the strings just yet.