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It is with great regrets that I announce the untimely death of the Vista Operating System on my dual core Dell Optiflex desktop; I will miss all the programs that I had on it that are now incompatible with WinX. They will be missed. Hard Disc Drive is secure.

"Hard-to-Recycle" event scheduled for this weekend, Ill be there.

Another one (Vista Machine) bites the dust.

My DVR with a Intel D915 MoBo and a Pentium 4 processor @ 3 Ghz (circa 2006) started giving me disk failure warnings last week. This computer has all my stored TV shows and streams TV to clients on my home network; this thing has 4 TV tuners in it.

Try as I might, using different programs, R-Drive Image and GHOST, I could not transfer an image of the Vista Drive to a new Hard Drive. I knew that either this was going to be a 2 hour job or, a 2 day affair; it turned into the latter.

I will not bore you beyond, Failed "NTLDR not found" HD, failed install(s) of Vista Business and random MoBo errors 114 and 115.

Eighteen hours after I started, a clean install of Windows 7 with 184 updates from Microsoft Update was up and running.

The DVR program is compatible with Windows 7 but not Win 10 so, I'm back in business.

I still have one computer remaining on Vista.