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Thread: For Sale: Kenwood TS-990S

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    For Sale: Kenwood TS-990S

    The radio was purchased last night and has a new home. Thank you for reading.
    The following is part of the estate of Jack Layton W9UK. If interested, please contact Bill W3WH directly as noted.

    As many of you know, Jack W9UK became a SK on July 14th of this year. His most prized rig is a TS990S which he bought about two years ago.

    If you knew Jack, you knew he was one of the most technically knowledgeable and respected hams in our area (and beyond). Jack chose this radio over the competition's top of the line offerings and he really felt that this rig is a truly excellent radio. The rig runs 200 watts 160 - 6 meters.

    His TS990S is available for purchase for $5000. If you're seriously interested, please get in touch with me via email or telephone 724-747-4685. Please feel free to pass along this announcement to anyone who may be interested in acquiring a truly fine piece of Ham equipment.

    73, Bill/W3WH
    w3wh at Comcast dot net

    You can also reach Bill via the Ham Radio Insurance Associate's web site (he co-owns the company). The online email form can be found at .
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