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    Simple Wire Vertical Question

    Hi: I am putting together a very simple single wire vertical antenna for 20M...I will be using an expanding 20ft fishing pole to support the wire...(About 17 feet)...Now, here's the question: It is a single wire; It will only be for one band; It will be used solely for JT-65 and maybe other digital modes later on; QRP only (5-10 Watts)...I plan to feed it to the house with coax...Now: Do I need any sort of balun or un-un connected to the single wire? Should I run the antenna wire to a center coax conductor and the braid of the coax go ground if I don't need a balun/un-un? If I need to use a balun/un-un, would the attached pictured unit be good enough and just how would I connect a single wire to it? Sorry for the long question, but I am just starting our with digital and really need the help! Thanks a lot,

    Steve KA1OWC
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