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Thread: Phishing

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    Quote Originally Posted by N8YX View Post
    Exposing SMB/CIFS through a firewall without benefit of a VPN and inline IDS/IPS ought to be grounds for termination itself.
    I'm new at the company... give me time to fix everything :)
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    It's hard to understand some peoples actions, especially after signing off on a class specifically dealing with the action. People can be just plain fucking stupid. We used to have that training every single year, with refreshers every so often.

    On another note, I'm waiting to hear back on winning 43 million dollars in a South African lottery. Boy, what luck. I was so surprised when I received that lucky email. I'm already loading up my credit card accounts getting all the stuff I've always wanted but could not afford. I gave them all the numbers to all my accounts to make sure they can verify my identity and deposit the money in the right account. I'll just pay all the cards off when the deposit posts. Of course, I'll drive my new red Ferrari to the bank to do all this. Man, the Gods have shirley smiled on me. Who Gnu? Maybe I'll set up a round the world ham operator cruise for all you guys. What a blast it will be. Radios, Girls, Guys, Putting up long wires, Beams, and a boat load of all kings of erections, Food, Girls, Guys, Drink, Girls, Guys, Fishing, Girls, Guys, Water Skiing, and of course, Girls and Guys. Everyone is sure to have a hoot.
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