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Thread: Why I Love Baseball, Example 42,876

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    The T20 matches being short have a trigger point of 200 runs for the free Tacos, in the third home game this was reached. Still lost though and are 1-3 in a 14 game season.

    Our guest overseas player from Bangladesh, arrived late due to visa and work permit problems. Played one game and left citing personal reasons.

    Nothing said officially but reading the mail his wife who was with him must have thought that there is a racist attacker hiding behind every lamp post.

    To think the club put them up in a luxury apartment in what was the Olympic village.

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    T20 over, 2 and 5 on free Tacos. One game was rained out. Record 5-7-2 so no playoffs.

    The four day games start again on Bank Holiday Monday. Top of Division 1, could be the first Championship for 25 years. Last season when we won Division 2, at the last game the drinks were on the house. Someone got behind the Bar, opened a beer tap and laid down on the floor under it with their mouth open.

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    Cricket is a weird game, but I try to watch sometimes. I get it. Sort of.
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    Dodgers at Pirates.
    Dodgers starting pitcher Rich Hill has a no-hitter, in fact a perfect game, through 8 innings. Pirates pitchers have a shut-out through 8... gave up some hits, walked some batters, but no runs across.

    Bottom of the 9th... perfect game broken up by an error. But no score. Pirates still being victims of a no-hitter. And the Dodgers still victims of a shut-out.

    Bottom of the 10th. First batter for Pittsburgh, Josh Harrison, breaks up the no-hitter... and the shut-out... and wins the game with a walk-off home run into the left field stands.

    First Pirate win over LA this season.
    Reminiscent of the 10 inning 2 pitcher no-hitter that Francisco Cordova & Ricardo Rincon through against the Astros in 1997... which the Pirates won on a walk-off 3 run home run by Mark Smith. (13 July 1997, if anyone wants to check)

    Oh, and it was the first time in MLB history that a no-hitter was LOST on a walk-off home run...
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    1st home four day match since the T20 regular season ended. Batted 1st bowled out for 159, no batting bowling points. Bowled Somerset out for 164 and did better batting in the second inning. Bowled Somerset out in their 2nd Innings for 109 and won by 179 runs. This with our overseas bowler absent with a back injury. Luckily the low scores advanced the game to make up for the days play that was rained out.

    Most talk this afternoon was what happened at the Oval Cricket Ground in South London. A crossbow bolt landed on the pitch fired from one of the apartments that overlook the ground, luckily it did not hit anyone and the Police said it was not terrorism related.

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    Another two games played.

    Game 1 against the team in 2nd place was a draw due to the weather. Matched them on bonus points so no ground lost.

    Game 2 played the bottom placed team and won easily, the same as at our place in the home fixture. The team in second place lost heavily.

    The result of this with two games left and a maximum of 48 points, including bonus points available. We are now 56 points in front.

    So for the first time since 1992, we are Champions.

    It is possible that points can be taken off, but unlikely. In 1989 there was a points deduction for a poor playing surface which the club had no control over. This meant we were runners up, not champions.

    This season points have been deducted form teams for,

    Persistent on field discipline problems.
    Breach of the salary cap.
    Consistent delay of game penalties.

    The season ends of 29/9/2017 with an England game the last match. It does not extend into October as Baseball due to the standard red ball being very difficult to see even with floodlights and the nights drawing in.

    The next season starts in March with the Champions playing an all star team in Dubai. No-one appears that keen on going to watch.

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