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What band is the antenna optimized for ? What type of feed-line are you using ? What type of tuner ? For decades I used an inverted vee cut for 75-80 m. I fed it with open wire line and used a old style Johnson Matchbox (link coupling) and I got incredibly great performance on 80-20m. There was some "directionality" to it , I got better results North- South than East /West but that's the nature of the beast. But I always had a very respectable signal (to put it mildly) and even busted through a few pileups on the rare occaision when the DX-ing bug bit me. The feed point should be as high as you can get it (pref 60-70+ feet) and the ends should be 20 feet above ground level. Balanced line and a good tuner made a big difference. Coax and baluns degraded performance considerably.
Haven't measured it, and no analyzer (yet), so not really sure what it's optimized for. It does, however, appear optimized for 40M :) Being fed with 300 Ohm twinlead, into an MFJ-917 tuner.