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Thread: Bird Fishing

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    Bird Fishing

    I was fishing on the dock next to where my boat is tied up and almost caught this guy:

    Chased my lure right in to the dock, under water!
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    Many years ago, I was fishing off Crystal Pier in San Diego. At least I think that was where I was. I hadn't ever fished off a structure like this, and asked some of the older guys if they had any tips. They gave me a few, and on the first cast, I caught Halibut. It was too small so I tossed him back. I then tried a long cast. It had a beautiful arc to it and went way the hell out. Unfortunately, as the bait fish was dropping towards the water, a big pelican swooped in and got it. Needless to say, it was a hard fight. I gain a little, and then the reel would spin out even with the brakes on. A short time later (I had now drawn a pretty good sized crowed, and there was a lot of snickering and down right laughter from them) I decided I would have to cut the line. I really hated to do it because I knew he was going to get stuck somewhere. I finally cut the line, and the bird flew off with about 40 yards of line behind him. It reminded me of some of the WWII planes that used to have trailing long wire antennas. Anyway, I quickly packed up my stuff, and slithered off like nothing had happened. I headed toward the hotel we were staying at, and even from a block away, I could still hear those bastids laughing at me. I haven't fished San Diego since, but I would sure like to give it another try. Of course, I plan to keep the bait just off the top of the waves so hopefully I won't have a repeat of that experience.
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