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Thread: Anyone tinker with this?

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    Anyone tinker with this?

    Looks kinda interesting, along the lines of the Warbler 20's and the like.
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    Kinda spendy for such a one trick pony.
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    I just picked one up to try JT65 on 20 meters. I'm using to learn some new tech and not have to switch between digital and conventional modes. So far, I'm happy with the receive capability and am putting up a dedicated dipole (today?....) just for this unit. Hey, I'm old and just getting back into the hobby, this unit allows me to concentrate on learning the software/computer side of things as well as getting familiar with an external usb soundcard. I'm very pleased, YMMV. 73 Tryon W1TRY Southwick, MA

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    I'm pipe dreaming here, but...I'd like to see a modular PSK/JT65 setup. A mainframe style chassis which handles all the interfacing chores - power, RF, computer control. Add an automated antenna switch - up to 4 ports; user configurable.

    Then, a bunch of plug-ins for single or dual "channel" operation. Say, the .070/.570 PSK frequency and one other. Build these for every HF band from 80 on up. You choose which ones to load into the enclosure.

    If a TM-506 didn't take up so much shelf space I'd be tempted to build a 5-band version of this concept myself, using the '506 as the chassis. Say, 80-40-30-20-15 and a communications/interface plugin. The mainframe already has coaxial connectors and a data interface on the rear panel, just waiting for custom hookup.
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