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Thread: What I got for Christmas...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WTKX View Post
    Harold and Maude, still one of the best dark humor movies, EVER!
    The film that caused the city council of Hillsborough, CA (a suburb of San Francisco and one of the wealthiest towns in the US), to ban all movie shoots within the city limits from then on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PA5COR View Post
    Using Al-Mar, Spyderco Police, and SOG specialty knife ( small and larger one), Buck cross lock knife.
    For daily use Boker USA i once got from someone long time back.

    Kitchen knifes all from my father in law,s kitchen in his shop, All professional knives,and one old Victorinx i already had.
    Sharpen them myself, never have a problem, just take good care of them.
    I just fell in love with knife and tool sharpening. I find it quite relaxing! I have been collecting natural stones over the past couple of years from a number of countries. I even got into straight razor shaving and sharpening. I find that I like Japanese natural stones the best because they smell of earth with you use them and they have a good feel about them when you use them. Though some of the coarser stones do have a more clay like mud rather than something thinner, which drys out my hands. It has been a neat experience.

    I have also found that I like carbon steel because of the character gained with use, IE patina. I like to watch it change color depending on what I cut. From blue, to grey etc. It is also interesting to see how different grades of carbon steel react. Cheaper grade steel will turn your onions black, for example and smells of sulfur, no good! Now, I am sure this is nothing new to many of the older generation but it is like a trip to the past for me!

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    Finally got some of my Christmas presents to myself working.

    I guess it's a gas/electric hybrid now, although only for 100 feet at a time and very slowly.
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    That's gonna save ya sum gas.
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    Looked in my collection and forgot about the Puma 915 lockblade Emperor, handmade stainless steel, i can get a razor sharp edge on it, long lasting for a stainless steel blade.
    From our hollidays in France a few Opinel folding pocket knives, a smaller one and their largest one, Carbon steel, razor sharp, but when used losing that sharpness faster as the other blades.
    Wooden handles and unique ring on the front to turn, locking the blade.

    Not doing any collecting anymore, just keeping the ones i have and usig mostly one, a French multi tool with 2 knife blades and lots of tools which by design feel better in the hand using it as the usual tools.
    Was made for boating and quite cheap ( around 70 Euro's).
    Tools really lock with on both sides releases for the blocked tools.

    One leatherman tool has a place in my gun carry case, permanently resides there.
    As do an assorted set of tools to clean one of the handguns on the firing range or get a stuck cartridge case out of a pistol with a bronze rod.
    I'm seen as an sort of gun buff on the range, if one has problems with the gun go to me i mostly can help.....;)
    We do have an weapon maintenance room there, air compressor etc gun oil all is there.
    Most military guns or standard guns can do with standard taking apart and a good clean, but the target pistols and rifles with more intricate trigger systems need better cleaning.

    That is another hobby horse...;)
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