I've got a box of Kenwood TM25xx and 35xx rigs. All work, except for that well-known, %^$%#% obsolete Alps volume pot/on-off switch bit. They would make ideal packet rigs if the power connection was hard-wired and one of the several replacement pots I have on hand (minus switches, of course) was installed in place of the defective OEM control.

They're in various stages of disassembly but all there for the most part. I think I have service manuals for them too.

Here's what I'm going to do:

All the rigs, a mobile mount and manuals plus pots will be carefully boxed for shipment, at which time the box will be weighed and a shipping figure to the furthest point CONUS (probably Carl's doorstep) will be calculated. Then, the box of goodies will be listed in our For Sale section as a silent auction for one month with a starting price of the shipping amount.

Non-members can bid on it as well; contact info will be given in the listing.

Everything over the shipping figure goes towards Island upkeep. I don't care if it's $5.00 or $500.

Pics of the stuff will be taken prior to packing, and prior to sealing the box.