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Thread: We Could Talk About The Weather

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    Not unheard of, but it is rare to see a multiple twister outbreak like we did Monday. I think the topography (mountains to the west, ocean to the east) isn't so favorable for the types of storms that spawn tornadoes. Funny thing, none of the super-cells had cloud tops much higher than 20,000 - 30,000 feet. It was a combination of extreme moisture and turbulence from the remnants of Florence. Humidity was very high all day Monday, like pea soup. That, we have lots of in the summer. Mold counts here go higher than the scale the meteorologists use to measure them!

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    I bet you guys don't get that too often, huh? VA doesn't strike me as tornado country.
    Spectacular shit. Too bad people sometimes have to get hurt by it.
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    Well, the hurricane finally reaches us last week. Of course it was no longer a hurricane nor a tropical storm. And most of the remaining clouds were well to the west giving us a little rain and a couple thundershowers.
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