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Thread: We Could Talk About The Weather

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    Still raining here. Flooding, sandbagging, lucky so far that we haven't had to do any. Kind of expecting the neighbors to call for mutual aid manpower any time now.
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    Crazy weather. It was in the mid 90's and almost 100 deg F a few days ago. So hot the air conditioning had to run constantly to maintain about 70 deg indoors. Now today, this morning, it was cool enough that the steam came up for a few minutes. Go figure ?
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    Big ole chunk of rain getting ready to come down out of the Northwest. Very unusual.
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    After one of the coolest,wettest springs we have seen in quite awhile,it has suddenly turned amazingly warm and sunny! It started on the Victoria day long weekend (corresponds to your Memorial day weekend you have in the Untied States) .......we hit 31 degrees Celsius......the warmest Victoria Day in 138 years,since records have been kept around here.In a non El Nino year........interesting
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    Quote Originally Posted by KG4CGC View Post
    Big ole chunk of rain getting ready to come down out of the Northwest. Very unusual.
    What are you saying man? Rain is our biggest and best export. Next to grunge music and something to do with microbrews and software.
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