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Thread: We Could Talk About The Weather

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    We just experience the hottest May month in 300 years, 28 - 31 C sunny, 16 summer days in a row ( 25 C or above sunny) had all of 24 MM rain, normally 69 mm....
    I just blame my stupid buying of 4 season tires for it...
    Next 14 days bit more of the same....dang.
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    I'm up late due to discomfort form sunburn. Had a great day. Storms inbound. Genny ready. As soon at the storm passes I'm bringing the radio up for some fun :)

    So there I was, totally naked. With only a rubber hose and a stuffed animal...

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    A couple weeks ago we had a fast moving tight line of thunderstorms stretching from Maine to Maryland. It formed a bow shape on the radar map which is indicative of a derecho. It was also fast moving blazing eastward at about 65+ mph. True to form it was a primarily a wind event causing widespread damage along the entire line. Some places reallly got cobbered bad, other areas were spared somewhat.
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    8AM and it was already too hot and muggy to keep working outside. I'd gotten up early to do a bit of work on one of my motorcycles and as soon as the sun peeked over the house, the fun was over.

    Counter intuitive, though, are those late evening bicycle rides where the mercury is in the high 80s and above. It's actually cooler while in motion, regardless of the level of physical activity. Gatorade and similar electrolyte replenishments are your friends.
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