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Thread: Your Avatar Story

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    I've had quite a few avatars. They are scattered all over between three PC's. Just changed it back to a big favorite that I asked permission to use from the artist, the "Monkey Roger". My most recent one is an actor who portrays Ben Franklin signing "hang loose" and "call me" which I find very funny.

    Here are a few others that happen to be on my laptop:

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ6BSO View Post
    A certain local baseball team which is almost as bad as the San Diego Padres.
    No, worse than the Padres.

    The Padres ownership didn't sabotage the team's last two months of the season, two years running.
    Nobody is going to feel sorry for us. 90% of the people dont care, the other 10% are glad it happened. Clint Hurdle


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    Quote Originally Posted by W3WN View Post
    No, worse than the Padres.

    The Padres ownership didn't sabotage the team's last two months of the season, two years running.
    Hah! The Padres ownership has sabotaged the team's entire season every year since 1999 (the year after San Diego voters approved financing for a downtown ballpark, but that's merely a coincidence, I'm sure) by refusing to spend the money for decent players. In 2012, the team had the lowest payroll in the National League.

    However: the team was just sold to a group of investors that includes the O'Malley family, former owners of the NY/LA Dodgers. Given the historic performance of that club over the years—especially after the move to California—there's reason for hope.
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    Now with ''wink.''

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    Quote Originally Posted by KG4CGC View Post
    Now with ''wink.''
    Sort of sets me to mind of a snapping crotch clam...
    You are always exactly where you are at, unless you happen to be somewhere else at the time...

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    Not sure if I put this one in here or not, but I've been using it.. I found it somewhere, I don't even remember where, but I've liked it for a while :)
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    I could use this fella....


    But I like the tree man...i have numerous Druidic images that ill change up as i feel like it.

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    Mine is a pic of my 2 fluffy and furry girls Phoebe and Penelope! Just petted them less than an hour ago, and can't wait to get home to pet them some more!

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    My dear Aunt Ethelyn wrote children's books, mostly about kids age 11 & 12.

    Her generosity enabled me (first licensed at age 15) to get on the air

    with a homebrew 100 watt xmtr and triple-conversion receiver (both using WWII surplus parts).

    In 1968, with technical assistance from my brother W9JDG and I, she wrote Today I am a Ham.

    She "borrowed" my callsign for her main character, Eric, a boy, like me, not too athletically inclined.

    Over the years, it's been gratifying to receive letters and email from hams

    who attribute their introduction to our hobby to her book. :)
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    I use this on AM Fone where the golden boys are more golden than I am.
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