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Thread: Weekend radio plans: 1/31/2020

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    Weekend radio plans: 1/31/2020

    Hi all,

    So what are your weekend radio plans?

    This weekend I plan on working some weak signal Olivia and some SSB. Just got my station back together and it's working like a champ. Had to repair my KPA 500- but I for it done and I'm on the air.

    Might throw a little FT8 into the mix if the bands are really bad tonight. Also will try some grayline on 20 meters right after I get home from the office.

    Tomorrow I'll drive down to Dowagiac and see my friend at the ham radio store.

    Sunday I'll sleep a lot!!
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    My weekend radio plan is to start restringing all my antennas. My wire antenna ELEMENTS will now be made out of coaxial cable with connectors vs soldering on 12 ga. wire.
    Maybe these will last longer.
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    Working on PCs. Just got FreeDOS set up with a terminal program so it can talk to my Universal M-7000 decoder and let me watch the goings-on while I work.
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    I got an original OpenSPOT. Gotta update my TYT DM-380.
    So, I will be OTA with DMR, DSTAR, Fusion.

    Holy crap, which code plug should I start with now?

    I may fire up my HL-2200 on HF tonight.
    Using my BAD antenna. Big Ass Dipole.
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