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    Quote Originally Posted by KN4JQU View Post
    Hello i am KN4JQU my name is Tom i live in Mt Airy NC also called Mayberry USA. I have been into two way radio sense 1969. tryed to get my ticket back in the 70s but all ways just missed on the CW. finely got my ticket about a all most 2 years ago. Just finished putting my shack together and now studying to upgrade.Attachment 16630

    Hi Tom...

    Welcome... and is that a 736r?
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    Hola Carlos,

    I can understand you're getting sleepy on half a pint, Aussie and European beer is good stuff mate, Yankee brew is panther piss. It's the legal standards that make it half of what it should be. Now if you want rocket fuel, we cook up 180 proof Kickapoo Joy Juice out in the woods by the light of the moon, moonshine in a jar. Then they put it in a hopped up car, and drive fast down Thunder Road to a buyer. Those races with the cops fast running behind them evolved into NASCAR for those who like to sit at Indianapolis Speedway spending the day watching them drive in a circle for 500 miles, that's 804.672km for the rest of the world that went French. Those like Jim Beam and Jack Daniels went legal, char the inside of barrels, fill them with shine and wait 4 years. After the angels take their cut it comes out bourbon, they water it down and bottle it. I've heard that somehow they squeeze the barrels to get the devil's due, don't know more about it.

    In the Li'l Abner strip, Kickapoo Joy Juice was an alcoholic beverage distilled in a cave with an undisclosed location (for revenue reasons) near the Dogpatch area by characters Lonesome Polecat & Hairless Joe. Thunder Road is a black and white 1958 drama-crime film directed by Arthur Ripley and starring Robert Mitchum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by N2SR View Post
    KJ3N ? Call sounds familiar, but I don't know him personally.

    I know that contesting isn't for everyone. Some people like to chat with others on the air, and that's great.

    As a colleague in work commented to me a few weeks ago, "So you don't operate casually?" "Nope. I have a logging/DX program running continuously, and I'm connected to the spotting cluster. If something is spotted that I need, on a band or mode, and I'm in the shack, then I will try and work it. Otherwise, I'm doing something else."

    Different strokes for different folks. Nothing wrong with either.
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