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Thread: Anytone AT-5555 review, files, mods and facebook group

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    Anytone AT-5555 review, files, mods and facebook group

    I have written a review on the Anytone AT-5555, saved my programming .dat files and developed two modifications to fix problems I have encountered on the radio.

    1) CW sidetone and acknowledgement beep mod
    2) Temperature related frequency stability mod

    Also I have set up a facebook group for the radio, so if you have pics, information, files, mods or general chatter about this radio then please join and get it started :D
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    Hello my friend !
    Can you send me, please, informations about CW sidetone and acknowledgement beep mod and about your AT- programming .dat files
    for AT-5555?
    I am sorry, but Pages "" are permanently unaccesible.
    My email is

    Thank you very much and best 73 !
    OK1WSL, Josef.

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    Just one little problem, all links go to the main page and not the ones you posted.
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    Try his Facebook link, Josef, if you have a Facebook account. There are about 1600 members in that group, someone should be able to provide some information.

    It appears that the "" domain has been allowed to expire.

    Looked at the wayback machine, and found the following:

    Review of the AT-5555:

    Software and Data Files:


    Freq Mod:

    Not all of the links from these pages work, but hopefully you can get some useful information. It looks like our friend stopped updating the project because of other folks copying his work.

    Good luck!

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