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Thread: Radio Mods.

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    Actually I am anything but a mud duck.
    I run the minimum power needed, sometimes less than 100 milliwatts.
    I make an effort to do a clean RF signal, frequently on AM I will limit myself to 90% modulation, both from a clarity standpoint as well as spectral conservation.
    I use telephone type drop in modules with audio filtering or perhaps carbon elements in this effort.
    I keep transmissions short and to the point, hello, the point, good bye.

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    Not me. I'm QRO at 2KW and 110% modulation all the way. Eff 'em, I say—I want that rare DX and if I have to bust up a net to get it, well that's their problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KA5PIU View Post

    How about a place for all of the radio mods?
    A classic example is the VX-3R.
    This thing has 3 levels of mods.
    The first being the MARS/CAP mod, remove the jumper and reset or firmware settings.
    The second level is primarily firmware and is the "Freeband" mod.
    The third level "Owned", where the firmware now has a bit-bang interface and can transmit pretty much everywhere it can hear, and this comes in 2 flavors, the first being no physical mods, it is all done in firmware, and hardware hacker.

    But, be this as it may, there is a lot of information out there.
    If you have never programmed an older Motorola radio with a RIB, and understand how easy it is to "brick" a radio, do not do level 3, you will be sorry!
    Everything must be just so, as once the transfer begins the radio no longer has valid code, it must compile from the new code or it is invalid.
    One of the reasons that a RIB has a battery backup, and an AC adaptor, and the bench supply, and the laptop power,,,,,,,,,.
    And, to answer the question, the VX-3R will do from 56 to 556MHz transmit with no gaps but the ones where the tuned circuits fall out, adjustable in softpots.
    Where can you find this custom firmware/source code/installation instructions? I've searched the net to no avail. I see that you're banned now, does anyone else know? I don't care about freebanding or whatever, I'm a software engineer and would absolutely love to be able to write some custom firmware for my VX-3R and if I could see someone else's work I could probably do a lot with that.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Chad and welcome to our special Island. Kiss my A 5 times PU with an I in the middle was our Baron Munchhausen flying high in his pink Bell 47 helicopter with an APU*. Long story, but the short version is you unfortunately dug up the teller of tall tales best left sleeping underground. Best take the advice I came across back there somewhere, it's way too easy to irreparably "brick" the radio with one tiny bit of wrong code. FYI bricking a transceiver means just that, turning it into a brick like an agency can do with a lost or stolen unit by sending a unit specific code and POOF, it's dead in the water. This is yet another case of Caveat Rudy Wrotten.

    * The M*A*S*H helicopter was a Bell 47 and they do NOT have an Auxiliary Power Unit that supplies compressed air for engine start, hydraulic pressure, and electricity to a commercial jet while on the ground. Like small aircraft the Bell has a 24V battery system and electric start for it's reciprocating engine.


    OH NOES! There's Rudy Patootie cruising around Germany in his pink... get this... D-HELO! (Look closely, it's a bit hard to see.)
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    [edit]: May be NSFW due to strong language.
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