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    Welcome to the Island. The rules around here are pretty easy.

    1. Keep the talk and pictures to a PG or PG-13 rating as much as you can. Folks of all ages and backgrounds visit here.

    2. No pornography, obscene images, or links to other websites of a questionable nature. Software hacks and such fit into this area as well. Keep it clean and legal. If you link to something that may be questionable, please warn others in advance using NSFW and spoiler tags. The simple statement "may not be suitable for work" will save some headaches.

    3. Be nice to your fellow forum user as much as possible. Folks from all walks of life visit here so be mindful of your comments. Direct threats of physical harm to other forum users will be immediate grounds for banning.

    We understand that debates can get heated at times and are willing to forgive the occasional outburst. Continued actions will get you a warning and possible suspension for a short time if things get out of hand. Sustained profanity directed towards a fellow Islander will not be tolerated.

    Feel free to give your opinions and views, but be aware that not everyone will agree with you. If someone calls your views into question, do not expect a moderator to come running to your rescue.

    4. Kick back and have fun! It is rare that the moderators have to take action around here. Lets keep it that way.

    5. No posts will ever be deleted around here, excluding extreme circumstances [illegal content/porn]. The moderators may from time to time step in and restore order or lock down a thread, but we will treat you like the adults you are. If someone calls you a name, do not expect the moderators to come running. Take the matter up with the person who said it. Only in extreme cases will the staff step in.

    6. We will ban users who use IP masking services. If you go through one of these sites to hide where you are posting from, expect to be banned. If you are using a proxy for legitimate reasons (public WiFi/work), please let us know. Exceptions can be made.

    7. All users who sign up with a non-amateur-call username must have their current and valid call sign displayed in the appropriate field in their profile. Club calls are not acceptable. User profiles are visible only to registered members here.

    Come on in, have a seat, grab a drink with a little umbrella in it, and enjoy your stay!
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