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Thread: VK3ZL Water Cooled 160m Amplifier!

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    VK3ZL Water Cooled 160m Amplifier!

    Well, Bob has thrown together another classic, a water cooled 160 meter amplifier! Here's the details, including Bob's commentary, plus a smidgen of liberty taken by myself at the end ... :D
    Quote Originally Posted by VK3ZL
    Here are pics of my latest home brew project....This is a water cooled 160 meter GS-35B amplifier...It took a month to build and I spent some time refining the project to gain best efficiency....This unit will produce 3kw DC input with 100 watts of drive.... With water cooling the amplifier is nearly completely silent, maximum water temperature is 40C under sustained CW use....

    And, now I shamelessly take the liberty of introducing the man behind the amplifier:
    Quote Originally Posted by VK3ZL
    Hi Luke,

    I hope that these pics are suitable...Jeannie smalled them right down so
    that I could send them...My server is slow being over the 600ohm line
    and generally times out before 1mb of data goes out....

    This amplifier is in full time use now....I have just completed anothe
    40/20 meter water cooled 2 x GI-7BT amplifier and have 2 x 2 meter water
    cooled amplifiers in progress..

    Winter will be here soon and I won't be able to do much in the workshop
    as I can't tolerate cold very well in my old age....I get plenty of time
    though to plan my next projects....
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    Re: VK3ZL Water Cooled 160m Amplifier!

    Very good work!

    I need to start taking pictures of a few of the contraptions I've been working on. Been giving some thought to putting together an HF all-mode, 100w transceiver.
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    Re: VK3ZL Water Cooled 160m Amplifier!

    Talented guy. Should be cool in the room listening to it run..

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    Re: VK3ZL Water Cooled 160m Amplifier!

    If I've ever seen anything that could be described as an RF Hotrod, that would be it.

    Bob's work is so neat and orderly. I bet he has a cup on his desk for pencils and stuff...and actually uses it. ;)

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    Re: VK3ZL Water Cooled 160m Amplifier!

    Nice looking stuff.
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