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Wow, I thought he was younger than that....RIP Capt. Apollo :sadgoodbye:

02-08-2017, 02:35 AM
A very good friend of mine since 1984 also died today. Sudden onslaught of heart attacks and cancers. He fought cancer about 8 years ago. Lost his eyes and got transplants. Stem cell research helped him survive the treatments. It was a form of leukemia that he had. It helped that they had good insurance and lived mere miles from the University of Wisconsin and all before Walker was elected. This time as soon as he received the chemo treatment he went downhill and they put him in hospice. He would have been 62 in May. He was mentor (of sorts) in life. I may have spoken of him before. He moved to Wisconsin in 2000/01. His wife died 2 years ago November at 51. Stroke. Perfect health. Like someone just flipped a switch. Barney and Goldy are together again now.

In 2015 he came down here and we went on a day trip to the Sierra Nevada brewery in Asheville NC. They had just finished building it the month before. It was an awesome time just like back in the old days. The 80s.
Last year he was here for a short again to see his dying sister. We got to spend a couple of hours together downtown. Coffee was awesome. Life is short.


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