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12-12-2015, 09:49 PM
Just walked in the house after a long, long day. So bear with me...

The 2015 edition of Piratefest was today. Well, it's tomorrow (Sunday) too, but Sunday is now for Season Ticket Holders only; today was for the general public.

Picked up Little Miss Field Day at school (finals are over, semester break has begun) and headed over. Long day, but we had a good time.

Now, as I've mentioned in another sub-forum, the boss is under the weather right now. First Piratefest she's missed in... 20 years? Something like that. Felt kinda funny to be there without her.

In any case... so I'm in the STH Only area, around 11:30, talking with our rep, when out walks one of the players... Francisco Cervelli, the catcher. Found out that they were having random players show up in the STH area unannounced, to prevent huge lines. Yes, I got to say hello to him... where was LMFD? At the time, she was sitting in the Social Media booth, waiting for a noon meeting with... Francisco Cervelli.

So anyway, Francisco was there primarily to make "surprise" phone calls to friends of the fans. So I asked if he could leave the Boss a "get well" voice mail... and he did. Very nice message, too.
Shortly after, he heads over for the Social Media meeting.
He chatted with LMFD and several other lucky fans for almost an hour, posed for pictures...

... and LMFD also mentioned to him about the Boss, so he wrote out a nice little note for her, autographed of course.

Well, one of the Pirates media people saw what was going on... next thing we know, a picture of the note along with a brief explanation goes out on Twitter!

Cervelli even re-tweeted the picture a short while later (that's where this screenshot is captured from)

During the course of the afternoon, LMFD got a lot of "hits" on the tweet. Sounds like it was a big hit!

Anyway, LMFD had a blast, though it was a long day. And yes, for those who are wondering, she did try out for the "Oh Say Can You Sing" competition... again. And got stiffed... again. I was concerned when I saw one of the staff talking to the "judges" (3 putzes from 3 different radio stations, who all acted like they really didn't want to be there) and pointing toward the contestants beforehand, and then more concerned when for some strange reason, they took the singers out of order (of audition). The last singer? A Navy Vet. Whom the judges all thanked for his service, and cited that service as a factor in their scores... yeah, he won. LMFD finished second... again. But, the fix was obviously in (and others in the audience noticed it, I wasn't alone), so what are you giong to do?

12-13-2015, 10:20 AM
Well, I never considered it a requirement for a singing career, but has she considered signing up for a four year stint in the Navy? I hear the salt air is good for the ol" pipes. :)

12-13-2015, 05:34 PM
She's not that eager to follow in her grandfather's footsteps..

12-14-2015, 12:03 PM
Her performance... the acoustics in the DLLCC stink, by the way, not much I can do about that...