View Full Version : Throwing this one out for the Ten-Tec fans

06-29-2014, 08:44 AM
I'm going to start radically downsizing my inventory over the next few years so I don't have as much to move into new digs. Inclinations are to keep my 7-line Drakes plus peripherals and add the N4YG DDS VFO to all of those pieces which will accept such. Also going to keep my Astro 103s plus tuners and amps...the Cubic Kilowatt and the two Mackay receivers which are currently in the Cubic's equipment rack.

That does it for the "classic" operating position. For the contest spot I'm thinking about setting up my Paragon IIs/Hercules IIs/autotuners with RX340s as slaved receivers, then setting up the Omni V and VI with Centurion or Titan amps and 238C tuners...plus the requisite RX340s.

Will the Ten-Tecs cut the mustard in such an application or should I sell the lot of them and spring for a quad of K3 setups? Computer control would be nice, and I would like to slave the transceivers to the receivers as is done with the N4PY software and an RX340/Pegasus combo.