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03-19-2014, 12:21 PM
From today's FCC Digest:
TERRY L. VAN VOLKENBURG. Adopted a Consent Decree in this proceeding.
Action by: Regional Director, South Central Region, Enforcement Bureau.
Adopted: 03/19/2014 by Order/Consent Decree. (DA No. 14-312).
EB http://hraunfoss.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/DA-14-312A1.doc
http://hraunfoss.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/DA-14-312A1.txt Mr. Van Volkenburg was facing a $25,000 fine for transmitting on 465.300 MHz, interfering with communications from the Brevard County (FL) Sheriff's Department.

In what is in essence a plea bargain, he agreed that the FCC does have jurisdiction over him; agreed to a "voluntary contribution" of $1000, paid in monthly installments of $100 per month; and "In consideration for the termination of the Investigation, Mr. Van Volkenburg agrees to relinquish his amateur license. Mr. Van Volkenburg provided a signed letter requesting the Commission cancel his amateur license prior to signing this Consent Decree." He also waived his right to appeal.

He formerly held KC5RF.


03-19-2014, 01:45 PM
Stupid is as stupid does....
No loss for the amateur community

03-19-2014, 01:47 PM
Wasn't he prolific somewhere on the web?

03-19-2014, 02:14 PM
I was wondering what was going to come of that... I figured he'd lose.. When you go up against an entity that has virtually unlimited resources to prosecute a case, and you don't have virtually unlimited resources to defend yourself in said case chances are you're going to lose....

I think ones chances are better in a casino, less of a stacked deck against you :)
Yeah the odds are in the casino's favor, but at least there you have a chance at winning....

I think the best options are to 1 stay within the privilege limits of the license that an operator holds. It's not like passing the tests are the most difficult thing in the world, I found the technicians test to be kind of easy actually... And they let us run amok (within reason) across TONS of frequency spectrum, and allow us to do ALL SORTS of stuff in that spectrum.. And 2 would be if one does go out of their privilege limits to leave public safety entities the fuck alone would be another good bet...

We hams may not be able to get the FCC to act on anyone screwing around with a 2 meter repeater, but you can bet your ass the sheriffs department can, and will motivate them for messing with a public safety repeater/radio system... Not very smart... I used to live in Brevard county, Coca Beach even.. I was right on A1A across from Patrick AFB.. Brevard County Sheriffs Department doesn't play around, they love to make examples out of people... I'm actually shocked that he isn't facing local charges from them.. If he is, I didn't see it...

03-20-2014, 12:00 AM
The thing I don;t understand is why do people do things that are so stupid. a lot of radios nowadays can transmit out of band. But, even if your radio can, why would you do it ? And why would you deliberately interfere with important public services ? Are these people so confident that they won;t get caught ? I say good for the FCC. Any ham who would abuse the priviledge of having a license and a radio and deliberately transmit out of band to interfere with other radio services should lose his or her license. Sch operators have no place on ham radio or on any radio service.

Plenty of hams also get caught and fined for deliberately and maliciously interfering with other hams as well.

03-20-2014, 05:56 PM
Obviously this and a slew of others I know about wasn't just a short, one time messing with the man for giggles sort of thing, he pushed it to the limit and found out the hard way just where that limit was. Goodbye Terry and good riddance, we don't want you and your kind around anyway.

Next time you're around 1020 Palm Drive, drop in on Tony Nelson and say hi. Just don't be TOO jealous of his personal Genie.

03-21-2014, 07:19 AM
Friggin' whacker idiot, I'll bet. Does he have to turn in his orange vest or can he still use that for REACT operations?

03-21-2014, 07:27 AM
REWHACKED operations, probably.

03-21-2014, 06:27 PM
He can use it for REWHACKT, he doesn't need a license for creating QRM on CB channel 9.

04-24-2014, 10:32 PM
Another one bites the dust !!

04-25-2014, 06:39 AM
I thought you figured that out 35 days ago. HUH? (;->)

04-25-2014, 07:02 AM
I thought you figured that out 35 days ago. HUH? (;->)

Wow, a live turtle lamp. Neato