View Full Version : Butternut HF-9V with TBR-160M Kit

08-15-2012, 03:39 PM
Old, Ugly and incomplete.

The Good: Works great on 80/75M, 40M, 20M, 17M, 12M and 10M. Replaced doorknob caps that were looking kinda rough in 2007 ($130 worth) 2 or 3 others still looked good so they were not replaced. I have an extra and brand new cap around here somewhere, and if I can find it, I'll include it. The 75 Ohm matching coax is old but is in fine shape and usable

The Bad: 30M col is in fine shape but the mounting strap broke during an ice storm and it now resides in my garage along with the 160M coil which is also in fine shape, but a local 5 year old decided to swing from it, broke the top mounting strap and left it hanging. Both of these straps would be easy to homebrew and I still have most of what is left of the mounting hardware for both coils.

The 15M plastic standoffs and wire are gone, as is the 6M wire and plastic standoffs are also gone. The thing never worked worth squat on 6 anyway. It does tune well (with a tuner) on 15M.

It has taken a set, to the right... The HF-9V was always kind of floppy anyway. Maybe that tree it is planted next to is pushing it that direction.

Reason for sale: The Landlord pulled up all of my ground radials and said it must go. Too ugly. It still works to good to scrap, so I may as well sell it to someone who can use it. And my price is cheap at $50.

Reason for low price: I'm disabled, and can not disassemble or ship this antenna. You must come get it in Macomb, IL (West Central, IL).