View Full Version : Isolated Variable AC Power Supply B&K 1653

01-08-2012, 06:50 PM
This is one of several items I will be selling to finance a new rig, or antenna, maybe. This is a variable AC supply made by B&K. It is variable from 0 to about 135+ Volts @ 2 Amps. I have the manual on disk. The supply is in perfect working condition, and the only thing wrong cosmetically is the silver wizbang that goes in the center of the adjustment knob is missing. (Heh heh heh, he said knob) I have another one very similar, and they are nice for powering a hollowstate unit up slowly, providing isolation between the ac line and the supply output, and just about anywhere else a variable ac supply might be needed. It is also nice for monitoring current, too. If you do any restoration or service work, this is a must for the bench. Asking $50 plus shipping. Shipping weight is about 15 lbs. I can do a check, money order, PayPal, gold, silver......