View Full Version : WTB: Mid Level HF Amplifer

11-25-2011, 05:56 PM
This is not for me, but for Bill W3WH.

Bill is looking for a working "mid level" amplifier. By "mid level" I mean an SB-200 type, as opposed to an SB-220 type. What we used to call, once upon a time, a 1000 W INPUT as opposed to a 2000 W INPUT amp, back in the "good ole' days".

In other words, for about 100 W input, roughly 400 - 600 Watts out, that can run on 120 VAC (he doesn't have 220 wired in his basement at present). He's looking for about a 6 dB gain.

The only "catch" is that the amp must have 160 (which, ironically enough, rules out the SB-200/201).

You can PM me or reply to this thread, and I'll forward responses to Bill.

...no, I'm not selling him my AL-84...