View Full Version : Wanted - Cubic Astro A, B, D, 150A/C, 151 - non-working

10-02-2011, 07:39 PM
I'm looking for the following Cubic (not Swan) Astro models:

A, B and D commercial fixed-channel/synthesized units.

150A (80-10M amateur) and 150C (commercial allocation) units.

151 (160-15M amateur) units.

Here's the catch:

They needn't be working, and it's better if they're not. One or two missing modules is fine, and I need a complete front panel with intact "Cubic" logo S-meter (no scratches to bezel) or an S-meter itself. Apart from the knobs and meter, I'm not looking for collector quality - just some assorted parts to finish up a few rigs which are on hand.

Reach me via PM or e-mail.

Thanks much!