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02-14-2010, 08:13 AM
I'm no writer,so don't expect much,but here goes.

I purchased mine used,according to serial # it's 98 vintage.
I've run it behind every rig I own,and it just plain works.
It weighs in at a hefty 78 pounds,so find a good spot the first time :angel:

Mine runs 3800 volts on the plate,and I've never had a problem getting legal limit
with less than 10 mils grid current.
I normally load it heavier for 1200 watts out,and nonexistent grid current.
A new 3CX1500A7 will set you back $1000 or more,so why push it.
If you can't be heard with 1200 or so,hang it up for the day.

The beast is fairly loud blowerwise,but someday I'll lower the fan speed.
Fan speed is set on level 3 out of 4 from the factory,the manual says for ragchewing the tube will stay cool enough on level 2.

It is a nice looking piece of gear,makes lots of power,and seems like it never strains.
You will have lots of headroom,I've seen an easy 2000 watts ++ out of mine at times.
The manual claims 65 watts drive for legal limit,but 35 is more like it.I run 25-30 into mine.
Added in edit:
I forgot to mention one of my favorite features of the amp,the adjustable ALC.
It can be set for any output power you desire with your rig set for maximum out put.
When your in standby on the amp you're getting full output from your rig,go off of standby,ant the ALC brings exciter drive to where you have it preset. Very nice!!!

The three minute warm-up time for the indirectly heated cathodes is the ONLY complaint I have with this amp,and I would buy it again.

02-14-2010, 08:28 AM
You'll want to check the air temp coming out of the vent. 110 top's during hard use. I know the blower is loud, But that tube has to have alot of air flow. Run it right, and have enough air and that amp will last a long long time.

02-15-2010, 09:40 PM
Actually,I'll probably just leave it alone.
The only time it bothers me is when running my IC 765 with the SM-8.
That little electret condenser mic picks up EVERYTHING!!!!!

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IEI...what a neat call, especially on CW. :)

I knew W9IEI (SK) from high school, back in the 50's.

His call was luck of the draw, as was mine (issued shortly after).

When the FCC got to the end of the alphabet, they started issuing K9 calls,

and all of the OT's began complaining that "Ham radio is going to the DOGS!" ;)

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Threads are like minds.

A dead one is a CLOSED one. ;)

. . . . 73,

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