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  1. When the WORKERS take control
  2. $1.9 Trillion Debt Increase
  3. Mighty oil-eating microbes help clean up the Gulf
  4. Mosque near the WTC site?
  5. Will the RNC's "unprecedented" money woes keep the GOP from retaking the House?...
  6. Police Detonate Pink Backpack
  7. NY candidate: Prison dorms for welfare recipients
  8. And schools wonder why they are bankrupt & Cant pass new operating levies
  9. Party of the rich....not who you think it is.
  10. Bloggers Beware
  11. The Bush taxcuts in pictures
  12. I'm currently (like right now) reaping the benefits of the Island
  13. Need more proof about Tea Party racism?
  14. So What Steps Have You taken ?
  15. Obviously, the good folk of AZ never learn
  16. Militia to protect Quran burners
  17. Bill Maher : most Americans are Dumb and Uneducated - And he is 110% right, as always
  18. The Billionare New Yorkers Behind the tea party
  19. Former RNC Chairman - 'I'm gay...'
  20. Murkowski is just about gone....
  21. Neo-con brainwashing
  22. The end result of the Hate Rhetoric Spewing Forth From the Right
  23. NJ Guv Christie Kicks the Poodle. Loses $Millions in Grants.
  24. Another incident that proves companies are regulated and taxed to death...
  25. And now for the good news...
  26. 2010 Choice: "Godless Society' or 'Christian Nation'
  27. The Beck Girl Takes The Civil Rights Movement As His Own
  28. Most Fiscally Irresponsible Government in U.S. History
  29. Debt a threat to the USA national security.
  30. Cuba
  31. Europe’s Quiet Revolution: Redefining Power in the 21st Century
  32. Beck: Help us restore traditional American values
  33. US wasted billions in rebuilding Iraq!
  34. German Banker: 'All Jews share a certain gene'
  35. Million moran march
  36. Restoring honor
  37. I hear gay marriage is wrong...heres 10 reasons
  38. An editorial filled with emotion-laden buzz words.
  39. My best friend has lost it.
  40. The natives are restless (and I don't blame them!)
  41. Patriot Day
  42. Iraq war over
  43. The 7 Types of Republican Idiots
  44. another oil platform explodes
  45. Beck: "We have been setting up re-education camps. We call them universities"
  46. Scary! Scary!!
  47. No Tobacco, No Wine, Atmosphere of Distrust
  48. Migrant who survived Mexico massacre: Don't leave home
  49. Letter to the editor
  50. Human-Trafficking Ring Busted, Suspect is Repub Donor
  51. Chuck Norris NRA youtube (funny)
  52. Tea Party candidate for US Senate indicted for unlawful conduct with a minor
  53. BP now threatening not to pay...
  54. Three babies found dead in southern Netherlands
  55. A Dutch City Seeks to End Drug Tourism
  56. A threat to National security?
  57. What's up with Dan Maes??
  58. I know this will warm the hearts of most here.
  59. The New Media Ambulance Chasers - Bloggers Beware
  60. VANITY FAIR: Palin Exposed
  61. The Palin Spending Spree during the '08 Campaign
  62. Full Court Press On FOX
  63. US Senate canidate from AK may be a bad driver! Will someone think of the children?!
  64. Soros to donate $100 million to Human Rights Watch
  65. Small businesses feel squeezed by Obama policies
  66. It's Time to Get Off the Work Treadmill
  67. How low can you go?
  68. Mission Accomplished- But troops continue to fight and die
  69. Attention hoe doing his thing
  70. Ex-GOP Official Pleads Guilty to Embezzling
  71. Gettin' 'em young
  72. The smart Dutch take on teen sex
  73. Crowd boos L.A. police chief
  74. Girl Scouts breed "pro-abortion" lesbians, says Republican
  75. Islamic community state of emergency.
  76. Wait for Obamacare....
  77. Report: Castro says Cuban model doesn't work
  78. Someone Elect This Man or There's Gonna Be Trouble
  79. NRA sues to allow handguns for young adults
  80. The Myth of the Liberal Media
  81. Calif judge to stop 'don't ask, don't tell' policy
  82. M.L. King and the GOP
  83. GOP insiders skeptical of landslide predictions
  84. FOX Thinks You're an Idiot.
  85. Boehner in Bed With Special Interests
  86. Burns and Allen for the new Millennium?
  87. Holier than thou ex-smoker Bob Schieffer presses Boehner on smoking..
  88. "Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior" says Gingrich
  89. Don't know if tihis is malice or stupidity...
  90. first Obama budget (2010) has closed the deficit by 13%,
  91. Walruses Mass on Beaches: Arctic Sea Ice Gone
  92. When did we decide that we should live to be so old?
  93. Always good for a laugh
  94. The Tea Party Wins The Day...
  95. O'Donnell: A real winner
  96. Poverty Rate Rose Sharply in 2009
  97. US citizens should not be allowed to vote.
  98. Palin Not the Kingmaker Anymore...
  99. Guess who is Gay! a Republican even!
  100. Murkowski just handed Alaska to the Democrats....
  101. Politics on the Local Repeater
  102. Those durned marxists!
  103. We Need to Forbid Shariah Law
  104. Urquhart: Liberals are Nazis
  105. The TP's: The Agenda is...
  106. Repealing Health Care Reform
  107. UK Proposes All Paychecks Go to the State First
  108. So are we in or out?
  109. Just answer the question
  110. So, Here Are My Thoughts and Opinions.
  111. Time to Pay the Piper
  112. Thank God.........
  113. Dutch Cabinet cuts spending in 2011; more to come
  114. Changing My Views...
  115. Limbuagh and Beck get knocked out of radar range?
  116. Tea Party Movement Facing Leadership Challenge
  117. Obama's Aunt Not Sorry She Accepted Public Housing
  118. Ratings: CNN/HLN is Number One.
  119. Burning the Quran. Hate Crime?
  120. Dog torturer/killer at the helm
  121. Big Insurance Death Panels
  122. Left Intellectual/ Right Dumb
  123. Guess who AIN'T coming to dinner?
  124. Congress changes intellectual disability wording
  125. Banana Republic, Here We Come!
  126. Arabs vs Jews!
  127. Check out the comments at the bottom.
  128. Florida Supreme Court Asked to Halt Foreclosures Amid Probe
  129. Michigan Smoking Ban
  130. Pathetic Republican parrots
  131. "Pulpit Freedom Sunday" - It's time to start taxing...
  132. Clinton Did It
  133. Amen and pass the lube!
  134. Official DOD censorship outside the military
  135. REICH: Middle-Class Not Buying Enough...
  136. The Christine O'Donnell SNL Skit
  137. from an US expatriate
  138. Boehner Tsk Tsk Tsk
  139. Are you a POS?
  140. Alan Grayson - a real POS
  141. Remember This?
  142. Paladino to Reporter: 'I'll Take You Out, Buddy!'
  143. Phone Call, 8:15 PM
  144. New Dutch Government Makes Pact to Ban Burqa, Cut Deficit
  145. Anti-smoking Nazis
  146. The American gets even uglier...
  147. Abu Graib II
  148. Dear Dr Laura
  149. Martian Bimbo Looking for Mate - Anyone Wanna Be Mr. C. O'Donnell?
  150. O'DONNELL: Tried Every Religion before Settling on Christianity
  151. Some more humane love from the republicans
  152. Rick Sanchez and how CNN blew it (again)...
  153. Election Predictions? Friendly betting?
  154. RepubliHam.
  155. It's always someone elses fault
  156. Liberal Groups Rally, Challenging TP'ers
  157. "The Very Useful Idiocy of Christine O’Donnell"
  158. But, but, but...
  159. Campaign ads
  160. A Billboard
  161. Coldest winter in 1,000 years on its way
  162. Taser proof DYE!
  163. I'm You
  164. Trapped Chilean Miners Close to being Freed
  165. Why i would vote Republican.....
  166. Free fire dept? that's socialism
  167. Perot #2?
  168. Junior Mints
  169. Craziest things Christine O'donnell has ever said.
  170. German Humor
  171. Obama/Clinton '12
  172. NRA Backing Democrats In Key Races
  173. Another one
  174. More of Obama's CHANGE?
  175. Bloomberg Plays Nanny
  176. Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite
  177. Media Silent on $5 Billion Election
  178. There Will Be Public Stonings Next Week...............
  179. Childsex brought to you by Fox
  180. Reason # 1,963 why Wal*Mart sucks ass
  181. JOHNSON (R): No Gov't Subsidies Except for Me
  182. Colbert: Not Enough Fear Pix Out There, So...
  183. Republican who likes to dress up as a SS nazi
  184. Humanity aat it's best....
  185. Over 50? Out of Work?
  186. BUSH: Still Working To Put a Man on Mars
  187. Jewish loyalty oath.
  188. New evidence in the Kent State shootings
  189. Giuliani going out to CA to help Whitman...
  190. this guy is a real peach
  191. The state of gay politics
  192. My republican friend says...
  193. Blocked Nomination for Fed Wins Nobel
  194. Another Gay Thread
  195. US Cities Face Half a Trillion Dollars of Pension Deficits
  196. I Can't Believe It.
  197. Obama brings out the best in us
  198. President Obama and Palin - Cousins. Limbaugh too!
  199. Shirley Phelps is a whore
  200. Do do doo....
  201. Barney Frank gets a free ride...
  202. Is the US Collapsing
  203. Cat got your tongue dipstick?
  204. Fox News Pounds the competition!
  205. Limbaugh uses a Toilet
  206. NOW it's about time...
  207. Our Foreign Fundraising Program Isn’t Part Of The Chamber!
  208. Republicans have no idea!
  209. The debate
  210. Don't laugh....
  211. The 9 Dumbest Carl Paladino Quotes
  212. I Want to Thank Teabaggers for Doing Something I Thought Was Impossible.
  213. Nine dumb quotes by a vice president - guess who...
  214. What do YOU think the percentage is?
  215. Well I'll be dipped in shit!
  216. A productive Congress gets no respect from voters
  217. Ambulance Service..
  218. Joining the Communist Party
  219. Joe Miller's Private Goon Squad Detains Reporter
  220. Poll: Reporter Arrest
  221. GOD is bankrupt, SEND MONEY.......
  222. Rachel Maddow Best summary
  223. Tune In Right Now
  224. Ashcroft can be sued for post 9/11 detentions
  225. Christine dumdum does it again.
  226. GOP Kills Legislation to end tax breaks for offshoring jobs
  227. Dude, where’d my party go?
  228. And another NYC icon bites the dust - this time the Chelsea Hotel...
  229. Obama requests emergency stay of 'don't ask, don't tell' order
  230. The Invisible Hand of the Free Market VS. Gov't Regulation
  231. Juan Williams fired from National Politically-correct Radio
  232. Obamacare adds real estate tax for 2013... sell before that date...
  233. What the Heck is the matter with France???
  234. More voter fraud involving Democrats (again...)
  235. I never really understood how this works...
  236. TP Circus
  237. Just got back from voting....
  238. Cut spending
  239. O'DumDum and Republican Election Fraud - Perfect Together
  240. It's Nutter Time in Texas......
  241. Cut Jobs Increase profits
  242. The Mad, Mad World of Chrissy O'DumDum...
  243. Libraries are Socalist. Wanna Use One, Go Next Door
  244. Republican Rage (Absolutely fantastic writing!)
  245. Ballmer vs. Gates Tax Battle
  246. President can 'shove it'
  247. Tea pary: Don't tread on me, but we do on others
  248. Rally To Restore Sanity Goes Global
  249. We Made Our Own Speedballs!
  250. 538: Tonight's forecast, 52 seat gain for GOP