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  1. W3YNI Wins Zoning Hearing Board Appeal
  2. Hamradio Weekend Events
  3. URGENT- Hams are under attack and need your help!
  4. Legislation Introduced in US Senate to Inventory Radio Spect
  5. JOTA/JOTI weekend 2009
  6. Four Hams Killed in Plane Crash Enroute to C6APR
  7. Want to bone up on wireless tech? Try ham radio
  8. I was wireless before it it vogue
  9. Man from Japan meets local hams
  10. Philadelphia Restricts Wireless Devices
  11. FCC Issues Declatory Ruling Regarding Wireless Towers
  12. W4PA To Buy Vibroplex
  13. Haitian quake frequencies
  14. Haiti News Coverage
  15. New Boatanchors group on Delphi
  16. Recon Scout Waiver Approved
  17. Spread Spectrum NPRM
  18. Paid job as a ham radio operator!?
  19. City of Manassas to End BPL Service
  20. QRZ and Missing Forums? Who Knows?
  21. Comment period of NPRM 10-72 ends May 23
  22. Glen Shot Down Again
  23. FCC to KB9RFO: No License For You!
  25. As the Sun Awakens, NASA Wary . . .
  26. Kids Day
  27. Poor Poor Toddy
  28. Hilberling produces the PT 8000 A
  29. FCC Rules on Petition to Amend Rules on Disaster Drills
  30. 900MHz Ham Band - Hacker snoops on GSM cell phones in demo
  31. building a "radio shack" in Make magazine
  32. Lebanese Arrest German Ham as Israeli Spy
  33. Storms Knock Down WWVA Towers
  34. FCC Spanks K6VVA & K2UTC
  35. N9OGL guilty and sentenced
  36. Authorities Believe N5VGH & Wife Killed By Escaped Convicts
  37. Tune to CNYARA's Ham-Jam
  38. Fire department needs ham (radios)
  39. More Amateur Radio Spectrum?
  40. Codec2 project on frontpage of Slashdot
  41. Win-EQF Lives!
  42. HNL had a ham story today...
  43. Thats One Laura
  44. The Eagle Has Landed... In TN
  45. Yaesu hits 3000 fans on Facebook
  46. Yaesu FT 5000 test.
  47. Has the Yaesu FTM-10SR been discontinued?
  48. W0IJR, Glenn Schultz - SK
  49. No more using of the Telly...
  50. Time running out for Baxter K1MAN
  51. FCC Revises Vanity & Club Call Rules
  52. Island News Service
  53. Brit convicted of willful interference to amateur radio operators
  54. This Ole Ham Shack
  55. Chevy Turns to Ham Radio Geek for Antenna Solution
  56. New Years Net. 3.865.00
  57. HR 607
  58. Russian Federation joins CEPT Radio Amateur License
  59. WZUM AM 1590 SK
  60. One Jerk Gone
  61. AMSAT - France Votes to Dissolve
  62. FCC Denies In Part ARRL Petition on ReconRobot Waiver
  63. iHAB 4 Launch - 30 Apr 2011 - 1500Z
  64. I hereby make a motion...
  65. Vacancy!
  66. US District Court Rejects K1MAN's Counter-Claims
  67. Amateur Radio Op helps with emergency in Joplin, MO
  68. Ham Radio Operators Practice for Emergencies
  69. Congratulations to KJ4DAD/AE from Ocala.com...
  70. Teaching Radio in the Digital Age
  71. ReconRobotics Consent Decree
  72. FCC Declaratory Ruling vis a vis HOA's
  73. I'll bet this guy was embarrassed
  74. Google To Buy Motorola Mobility
  75. HRD apparently sold to CSS Corp
  76. Graphene
  77. N6DAC killed by gunman
  78. FCC Changes: Amateur Radio Service at 5 MHz
  79. MARS to begin phaseout of WL2K
  80. Yeasu separating from Motorola
  81. Building in Morse
  82. FCC Denies Partial Reconsideration of Club Call Limits
  83. US District Court Grants Summary Judgment against K1MAN
  84. Blonder Tongue Buys R.L. Drake
  85. 600 Meters, Anyone?
  86. FCC Darkens Lightsquared over GPS QRM
  87. Good ham radio media hit
  88. Brazil Forbids Future DXPeditions to PY0S St. Peter & Paul archipelago
  89. Terahertz Bandwith?
  90. WH6DWF Downgraded
  91. New ARRL Membership Benefits
  92. In the April edition of QST...
  93. Morse code for sending email, COOL!
  94. FCC Seeks Comments on Impediments to Amateur Radio Communications
  95. Kits are one thing...
  96. W. Riley Hollingsworth named CQ contributing editor
  97. N0ECN Shot Down by FCC Re: CC&R
  98. Senate Approves 2 New FCC Commissioners
  99. Industry Canada to allow use of 5 Mhz
  100. K9STH Shot Down by the FCC (again) Re: ID
  101. Comprehensive list of famous hams
  102. CO's amateur radio operators fill-in wildfire radio gaps...
  103. WH6DWF Downgraded
  104. President Obama to Wipe Out Ham Radio!!!
  105. Heathkit apparently gone for good
  106. No Non-Exclsuive Nationwide Emergency Channel...
  107. No 1x2 For You!
  108. IT TECH: "Why Ham Radio is Still Handy"
  109. Hams Who Pass Their Tech Exam Get News Story and Pix in Paper.
  110. FCC Uses & Capabilities of ARS Report to Congress Released
  111. K1MAN loses again!
  112. Easement? What easement? Forget the easement!
  113. K6T Canc elled -- KA0XTT Remains QRT
  114. FCC Seeks to Change Amateur Radio Licensing Rules, Allow Additional Emission Types
  115. Start of Em-Comm in Amateur Radio
  116. ARRL changed requirements for Em-Comm Field Instructors and Mentors
  117. FCC Consolidates Commercial Radiotelegraph Licenses & Related Issues
  118. Wayne Mills N7NG New DX Editor for CQ Magazine
  119. Only a $25,000 Fine?
  120. FCC Reduces N3TX Fine to $3500
  121. FCC grants a waiver allowing hams to use TDMA
  122. Dayton Hamvention (R) rescinds Amateur of the Year award for 2013?
  123. No Jamming!!
  124. FCC to ARRL on BPL: No Reconsideration (ie, Drop Dead)
  125. No Inspection? That will be $18,000 Please.
  126. Pittsburth Tribune-Review "Neighborhoods" 30 May 2013
  127. KI6JIM: Sorry, Typo says W5YI VEC
  128. FCC Spanks DNJ Radio
  129. Who's Jared A. Bruegman?
  130. Perfect Cuts Salon, San Antonio TX
  131. W3VEX Fired
  132. KC0GPV Spanked
  133. Wherefore art thou, Romeo? The Federal Penn
  134. EF Johnson Being Acquired... By JVC Kenwood
  135. FCC Stings KD5OZY for $7000
  136. One of our own gone bad
  137. DB0QI Repeaters Shut Down Due To Interference Concerns
  138. There Are Cheaper Ways To Be A DJ
  139. Lost Another One
  140. Ten-Tec Merging with Alpha?
  141. FCC catches one of the 14.313 jokers!
  142. FCC to KV4I: No, you can't use ham gear on GMRS
  143. DXCC Manager NC1L Seriously Injured
  144. 14.313 action...FINALLY
  145. W3WAN Repeater System "Visually Impaired Net"
  146. An Elementary School Contacts the ISS
  147. Finally...Auntie Laura grows a pair!!
  148. Amateur radio broadened Raleigh’s horizons
  149. Buzz Lightyear QRV?
  150. Indonesia’s New President is a Ham
  151. FCC To Stop Mailing Licenses
  152. KB7ILD Revoked
  153. Former K1MBE RayRay busted again.
  154. RKR Designs Buys Ten Tec & Alpha from RF Concepts
  155. Ugly people don't like beautiful antennas
  156. FCC Allocates 630 & 2200 Meters, Upgrades Amateur Status on 160 Meters
  157. ARRL Dues Hike & More
  158. FCC Now Says ULS, Other Systems, Will Not Return Until September 10
  159. WRC gives new 60 meter allocation
  160. They Move At A Glacial Pace, but They Move
  161. FCC Slaps Down HOA over OTARD
  162. ISS, Ham Radio and Students
  163. Today's FCC Digest: N0ECN, Fuggedaboudid!
  164. Today's FCC Digest: N7MK told No Lifetime Licenses
  165. ICOM Enters Consent Decree With FCC
  166. Report: Turkey government revokes 3213 ham radio licenses
  167. FCC NOV to N6PJB
  168. FCC NPRM "To Permit Greater Flexibility in Data Communications"
  169. FCC Forfeiture Order to W4BHV
  170. NAL to Part 90 Station Owner for Jamming and Failure to ID
  171. UK Ham Wins a Clarke Aware for the Raspberry Pi & the ISS work
  172. National Geographic: "Mars"
  173. FCC Dimissess Petitions For Rulemaking
  174. FCC Dismisses Request for Records
  175. Dutch FCC allows 1600 watts for Full licensed under conditions
  176. So, Ham Radio Outlet pays minimum wage....
  177. NCIS: LA
  178. US Government Files Against K3VR Regarding His Unpaid FCC Fine
  179. Who Does He Think He Is? B94FM?
  180. Dutch CAMRAS group re activates lost Aussie sat
  181. Pro & Con Opinions on the 2017 Amateur Radio Parity Act
  182. Silent Keys: Leukemia Mortality In Amateur Radio Operators.
  183. Rich Measures AG6K
  184. Amateur Radio Operator Penalized for Intentional Interference
  185. As of 12/21/2018
  186. Amateur radio on Wisconsin Public Radio
  187. FCC Proposes to Reinstate Amateur Radio Service Fees
  188. FCC Orders Amateur Access to 3.5 GHz Band to "Sunset" From: ARRL Web site <memberlist
  189. Is this anyone we have heard of?